People, Teams, and Culture


Team Tune-Up

Individuals and teams often work at cross purposes and lose trust, creating personal and interpersonal inefficiencies. Symptoms include low transparency, unaligned efforts, and lack of engagement.

RR utilizes a research-based 6-step process to reveal and resolve team tensions and hold-backs. With respectful honesty, the process surfaces underlying values conflicts to create agreement around a hierarchy of values, then embeds the hierarchy in organizational processes.

The result: increased collaborative output.


M&A People Readiness

As you prepare structures and processes for a merger or acquisition, RR focuses on the human factor. RR collaborates with you to get your people ready for what can be a radical transition. Used ahead of M&A or after, RR reduces "people headaches" with customized analysis and strategies for aligning groups as quickly as possible. 


Culture Alignment

To most deeply help you achieve better results and a more empowered work environment, RR provides organizational alignment by mapping your different organizational cultures and employee types. 

Then together we explore which of the competing cultures to strengthen. To implement the alignment we consider messaging, staffing, training, reporting methods, conflict intervention, incentives, behavioral interviewing for new hires, and/or other methods as appropriate.