People, Teams, and Culture



Individuals and teams often work at cross purposes and lose trust. And that reduces results.

RR reveals and resolves team tensions and submerged resistance in ways that build mutual trust and respect, increase collaborative output, and advances the mission.



As you encounter new demands, you need to change. RR advises and facilitates you as you consider changing procedures, processes, relationships, and/or organizational structures. RR guiding principles for change management are: 

  1. Be real: clarity as to your, your team's, and your organization's competing values are essential to success.
  2. Be wise: consider what change looks like to each affected person and interest. Make decisions that you know people will implement.
  3. Take action:  implement, revisit, adjust, face forward, keep it moving. Perfect is the enemy of success.


Culture Alignment

To most sustainably help you achieve better results and a more empowered work environment, you need to utilize your competing organizational cultures. 

After mapping your cultures -- you likely have more than "a" culture -- we lead you to consider the implications for staffing, training, marketing,  assignment of responsibilities, accountability systems, measurements and rewards, managerial conversations, and other processes necessary to help your culture be renewed.