Eliyahu passionately seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of people by working at organizational, team, and individual levels. A collaboration builder who provides concrete processes, he is essentially an organizational therapist.

  • Years of experience in workforce development, social work, leadership, and business. 

  • Strategic and innovative thinking; radical candor; tough love; values-based leadership. 

  • Six years facilitating Arbinger process workshops; experience implementing Adizes' synergistic team problem-solving methodology; field experience utilizing the Competing Values Framework to map organizational cultures. And years providing counseling and coaching.

  • Doctorate in Executive Leadership, with research in the intersection of organizational culture and employee soft skills (St. John Fisher College); Master of Social Work Administration (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem); and Bachelor of Arts in Political Philosophy (James Madison College at Michigan State University). 


  • Adizes Institute: team integrator certificate (2019); organizational transformation - conceptual foundations certificate (1990).
  • Arbinger Institute: certified Arbinger process facilitator (2012-2018).
  • Melitz Institute: certified group facilitator (1994).

Publications, Public Interviews, Webinars


YOUR RESULTS: Increased engagement, efficiency, productivity, and you feeling like you have a better place to work.

OUR WHY: RR is in business to help organizations and individuals take their next step toward optimal empowerment. 


RR utilizes organizational advancement to help individuals grow, and utilizes individual needs to help the organization stay at the prime location in its lifecycle. 

Success for one but not the other is an organization at risk. Success is for organizations and individuals simultaneously.